Difference Between Static and Dynamic IP

An IP address stands for Internet Protocol and now there are these two types of IP addresses that can be easily differentiated. There is Static IP which as it sounds is un-editable and more directed towards its permanent existence. On the other hand, Dynamic IP is dynamic as it can be changed and is editable to a better extent. There are some easy to understand the differences between both the IP and one is how it is provided. A static IP address is given to the computer by ISP whereas the dynamic IP address is mostly given by DHCP. Static IP remains the same once it is assigned to a computer of the device whereas Dynamic IP can be changed at any time.

Static and Dynamic IP is different for security reasons as well due to the less security on Static IP whereas Dynamic IP is more secure and contains less risk. The static IP address allows a device to be traceable on the other hand Dynamic IP address makes the device intractable. Stability also makes a difference in both the IPs as the Static IP address is stable as compared to Dynamic IP address.