What Is the Service Set Identifier (SSID)?

SSID or Service Set Identifier in networking is the digital presence mark for networks that are editable and are constructed by simple languages and characters. A more simplified explanation is SSID are the names that are visible as available networks on a device such as a laptop or a smartphone. The common example of SSID that can be seen every day is available WiFi or the hotspot name that is set manually or by default. Every network has an SSID and for products, the SSID by default is usually their brand name or the model name as in routers or modems.

Default SSIDs of any device is the one that is on it working without getting set manually. It’s just the name of hotspot or WiFi that you tap on for getting connected to that network sometimes with a password or even without that. Manual SSIDs are suggested for keeping the network secure rather than the default SSIDs that are more vulnerable to hackers. A network can also have more than one SSID and the SSID can be changed for any wireless network by the host.