What Is DNS?

In networking, DNS means Domain Name System and this is the very thing responsible for the interaction of user with web pages without using IP addresses. For using internet users use domain names to access the websites whereas the web browsers use the IP addresses to access the same thing. DNS serves the purpose of translator between a domain name and IP Address so the browser gets the IP address every time someone inputs a Domain name.

On the internet, there are too many devices to count that are connected to each other and each of these has their IP address. These IP Addresses are used by devices to recognize other devices and DNS allows user to interact with these devices without using their IP address. It’s too much trouble to remember the IP Address be it the IPv4 or the newer and more complex IPv6 so DNS saves the trouble for users.

Each time a search is made DNS acts as a translator on the internet to make the search possible without the use of the actual IP address directly.