How To Perform Internet Speed Test?

To check out the information regarding your Internet Connection, a test is performed on your Internet Connection called Speed Test which tells you all about your Internet Connection including the Download Speed, Upload Speed, Ping, IP Address, and your ISP. A Speed Test generally takes less than a minutes and once it is completed, the result are displayed on the screen from where you can analyze your internet connection.

One of the advantages of performing a speed test is to find out whether you’re getting the bandwidth that you signed up for. Sometimes the users are not getting the speed that they are paying for and sometimes the ISP intentionally throttles the internet connection which results in the users getting lesser speeds. So, a Speed Test is a great and convenient method to find out the speeds of your internet connection.

Performing a speed test is really easy and you can easily perform a speed test to check out different things regarding your internet connection. To get the best results possible, you should perform the speed test on a PC or mobile that is directly connected to the modem/router using an Ethernet cable or WiFi and make sure that there is nothing being downloaded or uploaded on the network as to get more accurate results.

To perform a speed test, press “GO” and begin the speed test. The best server will be auto-picked and the test will start. The download and upload speeds of your internet connection will be calculated along with ping or response time.

The results will be then displayed on the screen and if you want, you can share those results on social media. You can also perform 3-4 tests to find out the average speeds of your internet as sometimes the speeds fluctuate between high and low.