How to Increase Your Internet Speed?

Having a poor and sloppy internet connection can be tiring at times as no one likes to wait before they are able to watch a video or visit a webpage. Everyone hates slow internet connection and even though you are paying for much faster speeds, you may be getting slow internet speeds. This can be due to many reasons and these reasons add up to you having a slow internet connection.

Here are some of the things that you can try to increase the speed of your Internet Connection. We don’t guarantee you getting very fast internet speeds, but these things definitely improve the speeds.

Try out a new router

Most of the times the users make a rookie mistake and trust their old routers to work with the latest technology nowadays such as ADSL 2+. Old routers aren’t made for the new technology and due to this, you may not be getting the speeds that you’re looking for.

If you have an old or outdated router/modem then it is recommended that you switch to a new one which would be better suited for the latest technology.

Updating the Router Firmware

Just like your mobile and PC, routers run on its own software called firmware and it is important to update the firmware regularly. Always keep the router up to date for optimum performances.

Looking out for Viruses

Sometimes a virus or malware may be the cause behind you getting slow internet speeds. Viruses and malwares live on the computer and suck away resources such as RAM, bandwidth, etc away from the user and thus slow down the connection.

Too many devices connected

If there are too many devices connected to the same network at a given time then all of the devices tend to take some of the internet speeds towards themselves, due to which you may be getting a slow connection.

If your network is not password protected then it is better that you protect it using a secure password so no one other than yourself is able to connect to your network without your consent.

When you are done using the internet on a device and aren’t using it then it is better to disconnect that device from the network to prevent bandwidth being used by those devices.

Check out the filters and wire

If your internet connection is also connected to a phone line then it is important that you check the wire for any damages and also have good quality filters installed on the lines as good filters filter out the disturbances and you get a smooth internet connection.

Upgrade your Connection

Last but not least, you should consider upgrading your Internet Plan to a higher bandwidth speed. Having higher internet speeds will result in a good internet connection and you will be able to use more devices simultaneously without any issue.