How Much Speed Do You Need For Online Streaming?

How much Internet speed do I need to stream movies and TV shows online? This is a question that most of the users ask and search on the internet to make sure that their internet connection can handle their online streaming marathons.

When streaming anything online, your internet speed matters the most because it is the main factor in online streaming, but not all streaming services are created equal.

Every streaming is based on different technology and each requires a different internet speed for best performances and each streaming also has different resolutions available for streaming and you can stream even in 4K if your Internet Connection is fast enough, but again it all depends on your Internet Connection.

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How to Increase Your Internet Speed?

Having a poor and sloppy internet connection can be tiring at times as no one likes to wait before they are able to watch a video or visit a webpage. Everyone hates slow internet connection and even though you are paying for much faster speeds, you may be getting slow internet speeds. This can be due to many reasons and these reasons add up to you having a slow internet connection.

Here are some of the things that you can try to increase the speed of your Internet Connection. We don’t guarantee you getting very fast internet speeds, but these things definitely improve the speeds.

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Is Your ISP Throttling Your Internet Speed?

One of the things that are happening to users all over the world is ISP Throttling, where the Internet Service Provider throttles the internet bandwidth or limits the bandwidth which results in the user getting less bandwidth than what he is paying for. The Internet Service Provider intentionally slows down your connection for certain websites or services such as P2P traffic or streaming. In such cases, the users suffer and get very less bandwidth and speed than what they actually signed up for.

To find out if your internet speed is being throttled by your ISP, here are some things that you should try out before jumping to any conclusions.

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How To Protect Your Online Privacy?

In the modern era where science and technology have advanced so much, it is has become quite difficult for anyone to protect their personal data and privacy from the prying eyes. In fact, most of what we do carelessly can easily be tracked and our privacy can be breached, which isn’t something that anyone would want, their personal data in the hands of someone else.

Online privacy is a very serious issue nowadays and people are doing what they can to preserve their online privacy. Here are a few things that you can do to protect your online privacy when doing anything over the internet.

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How To Improve WiFi Network Coverage?

Having a sloppy internet connection even though your internet is working just fine because of a messed Wi-Fi connection can be unbearable at times because the signals won’t quite reach your room or the place where you usually sit and you end up suffering. There could be many reasons why you are having poor Wi-Fi coverage but here are some things that you can try to improve the coverage of your Wi-Fi Network.

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